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Social Project

Association for social development and support


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"Arteinte Social Project" is a non-profit association for social promotion, founded by Valeria Leoni (who formerly worked as support educator in the nursery schools of Ravenna) and by a group of parents who have children with special needs.
Through culture, art and especially photography, we support children with disability. Events and projects are designed and organized in favor of children with rare pathologies and to support children in a state of social discomfort.
The testimonial is Chirine, a little girl with Rett syndrome, a neurodegenerative disease of genetic origin.
"Arteinte Social Project" is an association characterized by two elements: empathy and solidarity. Under this values we operate for a single purpose: instill strength in families living a harsh reality.

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Learn more about our project  "Le Petit Atelier".
Through the distribution of new and used children's books, we raise funds to finance our family support projects. Click on the logo image to find out more.

Follow us in the Facebook group dedicated to "Le Petit Atelier", where we often publish new book proposals. Click here to register now. 

If you dream alone, it's just a dream; if you dream together, it's reality that begins. (Anonymous)

Every action in our life touches some string that vibrates forever. (Edwin Hubbel Chapin)

Close your eyes and you will see Beauty. (Anonymous)

Life is like a mirror: it smiles you, if you look at it smiling. (Jim Morrison)

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No profit Association for Social promotion

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"You survive on what you receive, but you live on what you give"
(Carl Gustav Jung)

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