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Valeria Leoni

My name is Valeria Leoni, and I have worked as a support educator for children with disabilities in the nursery schools of Ravenna for almost 20 years.

In my work, the most beautiful and gratifying experiences that I lived, have been within the heartful relationships with children, and their families.

For this reason, I decided to found an association.

The testimonial of this social project is Chirine Bouazza who has Rett syndrome, a neurodegenerative disease of genetic origin.

When Chirine attended the nursery school, I was her support educator.

The leitmotif of this initiative, named “Arteinte” that means “Art inside you” and deals with art and culture, is True Beauty.

And Chirine is the bearer of the message.

Chirine Bouazza

Chirine Bouazza, born in 2008, has Rett syndrome, a neurodegenerative disease with genetic origin. The estimated cases is 1 out of 10,000 female births, and it manifests itself from the first years of life, causing growth retardation and serious psychomotor disorders. Epileptic seizures and behavioral disturbances are often present.

The Association's statute

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